Static HTML

We store all sites as static html thus gaining much faster downloading speeds.

One of the fastest portal technologies in the world

With static files and servers optimized to high traffic we provide cutting-edge technology in website development.

Automatized SEO

To reduce your SEO costs our system generates SEO friendly contents and also performs preliminary tests before publishing to boost your site even further

Millions of contents

Thanks to our Big Data Technology and high-performance servers even portals with millions of contents are easy to manage

Connected with analyitical tools
Helping with technical audit, SEO, traffic, user flow


  • visitor count
  • user flow
  • user segmentation
  • details


  • Server uptime
  • Measuring download speed
  • downtime alert
  • details


  • content suggestions
  • measuring social signals
  • suggesting “hot topics” for content writers
  • details


  • technical audit
  • SEO checks
  • inspecting internal links
  • details


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